Maryland Custom Replacement Windows

Are you thinking about replacing the windows on your Maryland home? Potomac View Energy installs custom replacement windows that are manufactured right here in MD. Our ENERGY STAR-qualified vinyl windows are energy efficient, easy to operate, secure, and come in a range of styles and color options. Contact us today for a free in-home estimate.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

There are several tangible benefits to installing replacement windows on your Maryland home:

  • Improved energy efficiency. New vinyl windows have better insulation and weather-stripping.
  • Easier operation. Are there old windows in your house that don’t open anymore, or are too difficult to open or close? Those problems are eliminated with replacement windows, which boast smooth, trouble-free opening and closing.
  • Increased security. An integrated sash lock and tilt system provides greater resistance to forced entry, while the integral interlock keeps the windows shut tight.
  • Added curb appeal. With nearly unlimited color and design options, you can accent or transform the look of your home.
  • Enhanced resale value. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost vs. Value report, you can expect to recoup up to nearly 75 percent of the cost of replacing the windows on your home in the Washington, DC area.

Why Choose Custom Replacement Windows?

Our custom replacement windows have several valuable features that you won’t find with off-the-shelf windows.

  • Potomac View Energy’s windows outperform ENERGY STAR’s 2010 requirements.
  • In addition to their increased weather resistance, our windows boast a 7/8” insulating glass unit with high-performance Low-E glass.
  • Available in double-hung, slider, and casement styles, our windows can be customized with various grids or simulated divided lites (SDLs).
  • With a DP-55 rating, they resist winds of up to 180 mph.
  • Our specially formulated vinyl never needs painting, is virtually maintenance-free, and resists scratches and dents.
  • The exteriors are offered in a range of exquisite colors, including Amazon Green, Cashmere, Sable, and Wedgewood Blue.
  • Our custom windows are made in the USA—right here in Maryland!

Replacing vs. Repairing

If you’re not sure whether you should repair or replace your windows, consider that:

  • Even after repair, your existing older windows will, in nearly every case, be less energy efficient than replacement windows.
  • Our replacement windows, with their integrated sash lock and tilt system, are likely more secure than a repaired older window.
  • New windows are easier to operate and clean.
  • New windows are a more effective selling point than repaired older windows.
  • The cost to repair can be about the same, or even more, than to replace.

Why Choose Vinyl Over Wood?

At Potomac View Energy, we install vinyl windows because we have found them to be the most reliable, high-performing, and user-friendly windows on the market.

  • Vinyl windows never need painting, are easy to clean, and are virtually maintenance free. Wood windows need painting or staining when they’re installed, and periodic maintenance throughout the life of the product in order to keep them at optimum performance.
  • Vinyl isn’t affected by humidity—it won’t swell and contract, unlike wood.
  • Vinyl is less expensive and has a quicker turnaround time than wood.

Are Replacement Windows a Good Investment?

The short answer is yes! ENERGY STAR posits that you can save 7 to 15 percent on your energy bills after having replacement windows installed.

The more involved answer takes into consideration the return on investment you can expect. Not only can new windows up the resale value of your Maryland home, you are likely to recoup up to nearly 75 percent of the cost of purchase and installation (in this region).

We want you to make an informed decision when you hire us to replace your windows. Contact us for a free in-home estimate. We’ll take a look at your windows, talk with you about your needs, and discuss options.

More Custom Window Options

We also provide custom garden window installation and custom bow and bay window installation. Check out our portfolio of completed projects.

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