Window Tax Credit 2013

Potomac View Energy is happy to report the tax credits available for customers in the 2013 year. Each year there are tax credits for energy efficient products, such as our replacement windows, doors, and siding. We have confirmed that all of our windows and doors qualify for the 2013 energy tax credits. Here is a list of facts that you need to know about the tax credit:

  • The federal tax credit is available for 10% of the cost of the door up to $500 on Potomac View Energy’s doors.
  • As for windows, the tax credit is 10% of the cost, but is only available for up to a cap of $200.
  • In order to qualify, it is not necessary to install/replace every window/door in your home. One window can qualify up to a $200 cap, whereas one door can qualify up to a $500 cap. Or a combination of windows and doors up to $500 is available as well.
  • If you would like a new energy efficient window, it can be a new or replacement window.
  • The 2013 tax credit expires on December 31, 2013.
  • This tax credit is a lifetime limit that a residential customer can claim.
  • Installation costs are not included in the tax credit. Those rates still apply.

How Do I Apply for the 2013 Tax Credit?

If you meet these requirements, then you are ready to apply. When you are filling out your 1040 form, the tax credit is entered from the Form 5695, which is the residential energy tax credit form, on line 52. If you become involved in an audit, be sure to save your receipt and any other paperwork that we provide you with post-purchase. Finally, go ahead and fill out the rest of the form and submit it. You will not receive the tax credit, however, if you submit your form after April 15, 2014. All forms must be in and received prior to this date.

All windows that have been rated by ENERGY STAR® are available for the tax credit. As you may know, our replacement windows and doors are all ENERGY STAR®-rated. So don’t worry about choosing the correct product: they all qualify!