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Are you considering replacing the windows in your Ellicott City home? With so many materials and window styles to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to choosing new windows, which is why so many options exist. Learn about the benefits and features of different window types so you can make the right choice.

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Our Ellicott City Window Replacement Options

We install luxury-quality window replacements in Ellicott City that are manufactured right here in Maryland. We can even custom-size window replacements for older homes in Ellicott City or for specialty windows like trapezoids and round windows.

Potomac View Energy can give you an upfront estimate and provide all the options for different energy-efficiency ratings, fire ratings, wind ratings, and more.

Window Material: Vinyl

This material is a popular choice for Ellicott City, Maryland homeowners. Vinyl is an inherent insulator, so these types of windows are highly efficient. In fact, switching to vinyl windows could save you 7 to 15 percent on your energy bills. The material is also stylish and comes in more than two dozen colors.

Windows Size and Layout: Bow, Bay, Garden, and Custom Windows

Aside from material, you need to choose the size and layout of your new windows.

Bow and bay windows provide a unique architectural focal point to help your house stand out from your neighbors’ homes. These expansive windows let more natural light enter, making the room feel more spacious.

Garden windows are ideal for plant lovers who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. A deep sill provides a spot for potted plants to receive natural light while still adding to the beauty of your home.

Custom windows are yet another option if you want a uniquely sized or shaped window. Custom windows help your Ellicott City home feel larger, increase market value and allow you to make the most of your home’s specific architecture.

Window Efficiency: Number of Panes, Insulation, and the ENERGY STAR Rating

With material and style selected, you have one more important decision to make: what level of efficiency you want your windows to contribute to your home.

Double pane and triple pane windows are both viable options for homeowners looking for window replacement in Ellicott City. They help save energy, reduce noise from outside, and prevent indoor condensation.

Insulated windows can save you between 18 and 24 percent on your heating and cooling bills in Ellicott City compared to un-insulated windows.

ENERGY STAR windows are among the most energy efficient options available for your Ellicott City home. These windows must meet strict criteria to qualify for the rating. They come with a lifetime guarantee and save you money on your energy bills every month of the year.

Why Choose Us for Window Replacement in Ellicott City?

Potomac View Energy has lower overhead than the big box stores. We offer window replacement Ellicott City homeowners can comfortably afford.

We also provide more personalized service. During your free consultation, we can let you know which windows need to be replaced most urgently and how much you can lower energy bills with different efficiency features like low-e glass coatings.

Most importantly, we install window replacements in Ellicott City by certified professionals who respect your home and your time.

Free Estimate on Window Replacement in Ellicott City, Maryland

When you’re ready to purchase and install your new windows, choose Potomac View Energy, a local Ellicott City, Maryland window manufacturer and installer. Unlike other companies in the home improvement industry, Potomac View Energy will assign you one account representative that will oversee your entire project through from beginning to end. Because our windows are locally manufactured and installed by one of our own window experts, Potomac View Energy will always provide hands-on, customer service.

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