Triple Pane Windows in Bethesda, Maryland

Many people have heard of single and double pane windows, but what most people don’t know is there is a third option—triple pane windows! Triple pane windows or triple glazed windows, have three layers of glass. In between each layer of glass is argon gas. Argon gas is denser than air, so it adds more insulation to the window. If you are looking to replace the old single pane windows in your Bethesda home, consider adding value and comfort with triple pane windows.

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Benefits of Triple Pane Windows in Bethesda

Most people know about single and double pane windows, but let’s talk about the benefits of triple pane windows.

Energy Savings: by now you are well aware that double pane windows are more energy efficient than single pane windows so you can imagine the savings you will accumulate. The extra glass and gas sealed between the two panes keep unwanted temperatures outside. Three layers of glass can save you up to 50 percent over single pane windows and up to 20 percent more than double pane windows!

Noise reduction: the improved insulation of triple pane windows adds better soundproofing to your home. This is especially important for homes in the city.

Prevents interior condensation: the added insulation of triple pane windows prevents condensation from building up on the inside layer of your windows. Bethesda temperatures are always changing, so it is not uncommon for condensation to accumulate as the day warms up.

Additional security: wimpy single pane windows can make it easier for burglars to enter your home. Thick, triple pane windows are much harder for intruders to break through.

More insulation: the added argon between the three layers of window help to improve efficiency in both the summer and the winter, since the gas decreases heat loss from the inside as well as heat gain from the outside. The R-value, or heat resistance value, of typical single or double pane windows ranges from R-0.88 to R-3. Triple pane windows, however, often reach or exceed R-5!

Installing Triple Pane Windows

Triple pane windows are heavier than double pane windows, so a balance mechanism will need to be installed to counter-balance the weight of the sash. The window itself will be a little heavier, but you should not have any problem sliding the window up or down.

When deciding between triple and double pane windows installation in Bethesda, consider how long you plan on being in the home. If you plan on being in the home for a long period of time, the price difference of the triple pane windows could pay for itself, and then some!

Triple Pane Windows from Potomac View Energy

When you choose Potomac View Energy for triple pane windows in Bethesda, Maryland, you get to choose from a number of window styles—from sliders and casements to bow and bay windows. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all window installations in Bethesda.

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