The Pros And Cons Of Home Window Tinting

Published on October 3, 2012 under News

Though practically unheard of a few years ago, home window tinting is becoming increasingly popular. Promising to keep your home both cooler and more private, it’s certainly not difficult to understand why.

Should you be considering making the purchase, however, it’s important to be aware that tinted windows come complete with a few disadvantages also. Here are the primary pros and cons of getting your homes windows tinted:

The Pros

Increased Privacy

For many homeowners, the primary benefit of tinted windows is the increased privacy that they provide. During daylight hours, tinted windows make it almost impossible for anybody to see into your home. If your home faces a busy street or road, they can therefore allow you to enjoy natural light without constantly feeling like you are on a stage.

Lower Summer Temperatures

Another serious benefit of tinted windows is that they can help to keep your home cool during the summer months. They reflect quite a bit of light and in doing so, the suns rays are kept from increasing your homes temperature. Not only can this make your home much more comfortable during the Summer, it can also work wonders for your air conditioning bills.

Less UV Rays 

If you’ve ever wondered why fabrics tend to lose some of their color over time, the cause is generally UV rays. Most tinted windows block out 99% of the UV rays that damage furniture and, in doing so, they can keep your furniture looking new for longer.

Increased Security

The film applied when tinting windows is known to significantly increase the amount of time it takes to shatter the glass. Shards of glass are typically kept together making break ins much more time consuming.

The Cons

Ineffective At Night

Despite many misconceptions to the contrary, tinted windows are pretty ineffective during the hours of darkness. If the lights are on in your home, tinted windows will not prevent passers by from being able to see inside. This means that if you think that tinted windows will mean that you won’t need curtains anymore, think again.

blue skiesInconvenient During Winter

As mentioned earlier, tinted windows are ideal for keeping your home cool during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, however, they keep the suns rays out of your home during the winter too. The result is a colder than usual home and, of course, increased heating bills.

Significant Financial Investment

If you live in an area where you generally spend more money on air conditioning than heating, you can expect tinted windows to save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Regardless of where you live, getting your windows tinted isn’t cheap.

Unlikely to Increase Your Home’s Value

Most home improvements can increase the value of your home but window tinting is unlikely to do so. The reason for this is simple. Though more and more consumers are discovering the benefits of window tinting, many remain either unaware or unconvinced. It’s therefore unlikely that a potential buyer will be prepared to pay more for your home just because you’ve had the windows tinted.


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