Windows, Doors, Siding, and Solar Heating System Upgrades for Montgomery County, MD Residents

Have you ever wanted your home to look, and, more importantly, feel the way it did when you first bought it? Try to picture that, but take it one step further.  Many times customers don’t want to upgrade their home to modern-day standards because it is too expensive, but this is where money saving comes into play. If your house is equipped with energy efficient vinyl replacement windows, doors, vinyl siding, insulated steel doors, and a solar heating system, there is no doubt that you will be keeping the money where it belongs: in your wallet.

Replacement Vinyl Windows

Potomac View Energy provides Montgomery County residents with custom-made vinyl replacement windows for their homes. Why purchase these custom vinyl windows in the first place? Well, we know that the windows of your home are one of the main aspects that your visitors, guests, or people just driving by notice.  Our vinyl replacement windows are specially designed to match your personal interests while simultaneously saving you money. What do you want your vinyl replacement windows to do for you? How about save you money, keep your house at a constant temperature, look nice, and, of course, be easy to clean. Our replacement windows will withstand up to 180mph wind loads, keeping you and your house safe from strong thunderstorms, and even hurricane weather. During these harsh downpours, be sure that no precipitation will penetrate the sealing. Read more on our custom-made replacement vinyl windows on our vinyl replacement windows page.

Custom Made Doors

When you look at a house, what is one of the very first things you take notice of?  Most people notice the front entry door(s). You want your home to make a lasting impression on visitors, or people passing by. Consider purchasing and installing custom-made steel front entry doors for your Montgomery County, Maryland home. Give your home that uniqueness it so desperately craves: a sturdy, energy efficient steel door. These doors provide you with top-of-the-line quality, including security, energy-saving features, and that unique personality. With high ENERGY STAR ratings, it’s impossible not to be impressed by near-perfect sealing from drafts through the door from both the heat and the cold. If you are considering the idea of replacing your door and catching up to this day and age, take a look at our front entry doors page.

We also custom install French doors and sliding patio and porch doors for your home.

Vinyl Siding

When is the last time you installed siding on your house? Most people don’t even consider changing the siding and think all vinyl siding is all the same. You may be surprised that some siding is in fact better than others, in more ways than one. Sure, they all cover around 80% of your house, but how many of them can guarantee them for life, lock in sound, and keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter? Potomac View Energy provides you with all of these important aspects of vinyl siding. We have the highest R rating, a measure for energy efficient vinyl siding, in the industry. You probably think that the siding you currently have already insulates your home and there is no need to consider replacing it. It is true all siding insulates some, but ours insulates 40% better than other companies’ vinyl siding. Give the outside of your home that new spark it has been waiting for. Visit our vinyl siding page for a more in-depth look on the topic.

Solar Heating Systems

Potomac View Energy isn’t just about the outside appearance of your home; we also provide solar thermal heating systems. If you are spending $200 or more on your monthly energy bill, you could be keeping your home nice and warm during those harsh winters just as well as your current system. What is the difference? Our solar hot water heating systems will save you up to $700 in one year, and up to $10,850 in 20 years. That is a huge chunk of change you could be missing out on! For the duration of those 20 years, our heating system is even backed by a 20-year warranty. Additionally, our solar thermal heating systems reduce pollution by 30%. If you are considering going solar, there is only one logical place to start: Solar water heating. They will reduce carbon emissions and reduce dependence on imported energy. For more information on solar hot water heating systems, visit our solar water heating systems page.

Take a look at our Portfolio page if you would like to see some of the work we could be doing for your Montgomery County, MD home.

We serve Montgomery County, MD and surrounding areas and cities, including Rockville, Potomac, Gaithersburg, and Germantown.

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