Insulated Siding Installation in North Potomac

Potomac View Energy sells and installs insulated siding in North Potomac, Maryland that can lower your energy bills up to 20 percent!

Are you looking to improve your home’s curb appeal while also improving its energy efficiency? Why not upgrade your old, inefficient siding with insulated siding?

At Potomac View Energy, we sell and install insulated siding by Prodigy. Why? Because we’ve found that Prodigy’s vinyl siding has the highest durability, energy efficiency, and performance of any other brand we know.

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Insulated Siding Options

Insulated Siding R-Value

R-value is a rating of a product’s thermal resistance. The higher R-value siding has, the more effectively it will insulate your home. We install Prodigy Insulated Siding, which has an R value of 3.5, the highest in the industry.

Insulated Vinyl Siding in North Potomac

Why choose vinyl siding over brick, wood, metal, or cement? Here are just a few benefits that Prodigy’s vinyl siding offers:

  • It’s designed to withstand 175 mph winds.
  • It insulates 40 percent better than other companies’ vinyl siding.
  • Warping is eliminated, due to its advanced design.
  • It reduces outside noise.
  • It features an exclusive foundation locking system.
  • It is maintenance-free and easy to clean.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It costs much less to install vinyl than other types of siding.

Insulated Siding Colors

Between Prodigy’s Contemporary Color Collection and Architectural Palette, you’ll be sure to find the right color insulated siding to complement your home in North Potomac, Maryland.

According to Prodigy, “From sublime Natural Linen to bold Autumn Red, color is the essential palette of expression. And with Prodigy’s 21 versatile colors of timeless subtlety and luxurious, low-gloss finish, all of us can find the color within.”

Take a look; Prodigy’s vinyl siding comes in the following color options:


These colors do more than drastically improve your home’s curb appeal. They’re also extremely tough and fade-resistant.

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about painting or re-painting your siding—it comes with a lifetime warranty! All you’ll need to do to maintain your siding in North Potomac is just rinse it occasionally with your garden hose. Good as new!

Get a Free Insulated Siding Installation Estimate in North Potomac, Maryland

One of the most crucial elements of vinyl siding performance is quality, professional installation done right. Our contractors and installers are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. They are all factory-trained and VSI (Vinyl Siding Institute) certified.

When you need insulated siding installation in North Potomac, Maryland, contact the experts at Potomac View Energy to get a free estimate.