Custom Exterior Sliding Glass Doors for Your Linthicum, MD Home

If your Linthicum home has sliding glass doors that were installed years ago, you’re probably paying too much on energy bills and dealing with a door that’s hard to open and close. Potomac View Energy can install sliding glass doors in Linthicum that are made from superior materials and custom installed for a perfect fit.

We start with a free consultation, where you can choose sliding glass doors that look perfect in your home. Your dedicated point-person will be with you every step of the process. We install sliding doors in Linthicum that are manufactured right here in Maryland and professionally installed on-site.

Contact us now to get started with custom sliding glass doors in Linthicum, MD for improved energy efficiency and a style upgrade!

Energy-Saving Sliding Glass Doors in Linthicum

Potomac View Energy offers sliding doors in Linthicum that are made with premium PVC frames and high-efficiency glass. In other words, you can say goodbye to any drafts and keep your heating and air conditioning inside where it belongs! Our Linthicum customers enjoy the fact that our sliding glass doors move easily on their steel rollers, yet also lock tight from top to bottom.

Compared to the old generation of sliding doors, Potomac View Energy provides a serious security upgrade and a much more convenient patio door. Our sliding glass doors are ENERGY STAR® certified for eco-friendly, money-saving performance—as are all of Potomac View Energy’s exterior doors and windows! Plus, our exterior and interior sliding glass doors come in over a dozen unique colors to match up with the unique qualities of each home.


In short, you can replace sliding glass doors in Linthicum to achieve several benefits:

  • Reduce your heating and cooling bills
  • Solve that sliding door that gets stuck
  • Enjoy a beautiful patio door with more natural light
  • Minimize outdoor noise, leaking air, and drafts

Our Linthicum Sliding Glass Door Options

Linthicum homeowners can consider replacing sliding doors with exterior French doors. However, you’ll be happy to learn that our custom sliding glass doors can outperform your old ones thanks to insulated frames, weatherstripping, UV-resistant glass, and other energy-efficient features. Even better, you can choose from more than a dozen colors and a variety of fixtures to create the perfect custom look for new sliding glass doors for your Linthicum home.

Features of our standard sliding glass doors include:

  • Two or three sash panels
  • Special formula PVC frame with multi-chamber insulation
  • Weatherstripped interlocks for draft and noise reduction
  • Steel, zinc-coated tandem rollers for durable, smooth, quiet opening
  • Steel locks from head to sill

Optional features available in our Signature line include custom window grids, between-the-glass blinds, and a warm edge spacer system for even better comfort.

Learn More About Our Custom Sliding Glass Doors in Linthicum

Take a look at our portfolio for more inspiration, and contact us for more info about replacing sliding glass doors.

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