Custom Exterior Sliding Glass Doors for Your Ferndale, MD Home

With new and improved sliding glass doors, you can enjoy better energy efficiency and easier operation. In Ferndale, Maryland, you can get the upgrade you want for a reasonable price thanks to the experts at Potomac View Energy. We install and replace sliding glass doors in Ferndale that are custom made in Maryland!

Did you know that old sliding doors can leak your home’s heating and air conditioning—driving up your monthly bill?. After years of use, they are probably getting stuck often or are requiring lots of effort to move. Potomac View Energy can change all that with our custom-fit, ENERGY STAR® certified sliding glass doors in Ferndale.

Find out what replacing sliding glass doors can do to improve your Ferndale home indoors and out! Contact us here to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate.

Need New Exterior Sliding Doors in Ferndale?

Exterior doors tend to get neglected when homeowners think about updates and remodeling. That’s a mistake, though, because sliding glass doors can be a major source of energy loss. Ferndale sliding door replacements by Potomac View Energy can take care of that difficult or unsightly patio door that has become cumbersome.

Make it a priority to ask about sliding glass door replacement in Ferndale if:

  • Your home feels drafty in winter or overheated in summer
  • Your sliding doors get stuck on the track
  • The lock on your sliding doors will not catch
  • You’re tired of the look of old sliding doors
  • The glass does not block damaging UV rays

Attractive, Energy-Saving Sliding Doors in Ferndale

Sliding doors for patios became popular in Ferndale at a time when people were scarcely concerned about energy efficiency. Today, we all know that windows and doors should be tightly sealed and made with insulated glass.  Potomac View Energy installs the best sliding glass door replacements in Ferndale. When closed, they’re as energy-efficient as a good window. And they open with little more than a flick of the wrist.

See our portfolio for examples of beautiful windows, entry doors, and sliding glass doors in Ferndale! Plus, our exterior and interior sliding glass doors come in over a dozen unique colors to match up with the unique qualities of each home.


Our made-in-Maryland, custom sliding doors have all the features Ferndale homeowners want:

  • Custom sizing, two- or three-panel design
  • Dozens of color options
  • Large window areas for natural light and visibility
  • Premium weatherstripping
  • Multi-chambered insulated PVC frames
  • Zinc-coated steel rollers
  • Quiet and easy opening and closing
  • Multi-point locks

Our Signature sliding glass doors give our Ferndale customers even better performance and comfort. Warm edge spacer systems and premium foam insulation increase the energy efficiency, while between-the-glass blinds and custom SDL window grids enhance the look.

Ferndale’s Source for Custom Exterior Sliding Doors

At Potomac View Energy, we act as home energy consultants rather than salespeople. Your personal representative will be with you through every step of the project. We make replacing sliding glass doors in Ferndale an exciting home improvement that you’ll feel confident about!

Request a consultation online to schedule a free, in-home visit for custom sliding glass doors in Ferndale, MD.